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Vanessa Mohammed is owner, founder, and chief designer over at Bikini Cabana. A love for all things fashion and a zealous entrepreneurial spirit led to Vanessa's ongoing commitment to the Bikini Cabana brand over the years.  The brand has evolved, blossomed and been molded into much more than just your average boutique. 


Vanessa's meticulous nature translates into carefully outfitting the boutique with designs that will grace and beautifully enhance any body type. Her personal style is a representation of what she aims for the brand to mirror- sophisticated, dynamic, beautiful, confident woman.


A strong work ethic and a burning desire for success have paved the way for Vanessa to take the Bikini Cabana brand to its rightful place as a leading luxury swimwear and resort wear boutique in Trinidad and Tobago.

A note from the CEO..


Covid-19 has taught us that life is truly unpredictable. We are aware that we are living through a very unprecedented and challenging time. At Bikini Cabana, we have put proper sanitization measures in place to ensure that our customers are protected and feel safe within our store environment. Similarly, particular attention is paid when we package your item for shipment

As we take steps to adjust to the "new normal", we urge you to continue heeding the advice of our health authorities to remain safe and healthy. If you can, support your local businesses as we all strive to empower and support each other.


Sending love.


Vanessa, CEO

Bikini Cabana Ltd